Shopping capital… Hong Kong!


Dala ka madami pera for shopping! (Bring a lot of money for shopping!)

Where else???? Every Juan (every Filipino) knows Cebu Pacific. Air fare may vary on time of the day and promo (ever famous PISO fare promo).  Roughly you can get around 7k Р8k php 2 way. Cheapest you can get if you are lucky with the PISO fare is around 2k Р4k.

It will only take you 2 hours to get to Hong Kong (MNL to HK). From HK airport you can ride a bus going to wherever your hotel/hostel reservation is (check with your hotel/hostel for instructions). For us, we stayed somewhere in Nathan road which took us around 40-50 mins.

Yup, Hostel. You will spend 3/4 of your time outside anyway so why spend a lot for a hotel? Still, that is your preference. We checked in to a Hostel along Nathan Road called Maple Leaf Guest House. This hostel is one of TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice. I got my reservation at Hostel World. I can say that my stay was not bad at all. It was my first time to check in to a Hostel. The room is enough for someone who just needs a place to sleep and spend most of the time outside (what else you gotta do?). It was clean and the owners were really helpful and friendly. They offered discounted tickets for various tourist attractions like Disneyland.

Getting there from airport is easy. Buy “A21” bus ticket (33HKD). Travel time will be around 40-50 mins. Get off on the 14th stop along Nathan Road. Walk for 1 min to reach Chungking Mansion. Hostel is located at 12th flr.

Hmmmm…. A LOT! Definitely you will not skip Disneyland. You can get your tickets directly from their website which is around 539 HKD. As mentioned, the hostel owner offered us discounted tickets. We got ours for 430 HKD. Getting there looks challenging since you have to take different train lines…. Not! It’s easy actually. First, buy yourself an Octopus card. You can get one from train stations ticket office or 7 Eleven. It costs 50 HKD, take note that you have to return the card before leaving HK and get your 9HKD refund. You can use this card on most forms of public transpo like MTR trains, bus, tram, and ferry. Going back on “how to get there” scene, I will start from Tsim Sha Tsui station since that is the closest from our hostel. Take the train heading to Tseun Wan (Red lane). Go to down to Lai King (9th stop/station). Transfer to “Yellow lane” heading Tung Chung. Go down to Sunny Bay Station (2nd stop/station). Transfer to the “Pink lane” that will take you to Disneyland. This is the Mickey Mouse train. EUREKA! Hello Disneyland!

Another place you do not want to miss is the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping Lantau Island. To get there (from Tsim Sha Tsui), take the “Red Lane” going to Tsuen Wan. Go to down to Lai King (9th stop/station). Transfer to “Yellow lane” heading Tung Chung. Go Down to Tung Chung Station. Go to Exit B and walk heading Tung Chung town centre bus terminus. From there, take bus number 23 heading Ngong Ping.That’s it! Say hi to Big Buddha.

I’m pretty sure you are familiar with this view. This is the Victoria Harbour waterfront, also famous for the name Avenue of Stars. You will find here famous chinese actors and actresses’ names as you stroll along the walkway. Look down for the plaques with hand prints and signatures of those famous chinese superstars. If you want to check the complete list of stars, there is always Wikipedia. Make sure to take a mandatory selfie or any form of shot with Bruce Lee’s statue to honour his legacy. If not, then your visit to Avenue of Stars will make no sense (kidding, I’m a Bruce Lee fan).

Your Hong Kong trip will of course not be complete without night market, street foods, night market, street foods, and more night market.


– Ask hostel owners for discounted tickets for main tourist spots. If you are staying in a hotel, what you can do is to visit one of those money exchange and ask people working there (but they will usually offer it anyway). They also carry those discounted tickets.
– Money exchange? If you are at Nathan Road, go to Chungking Mansion and find one that offers the best exchange rate. I found 1 somewhere deep center area. It does not have those fancy lights and posters just to get your attention and lure you. It just have a simple sign at the top that says “MONEY EXCHANGE”.

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